AGM'20 is scheduled at Waukesha, WI on Saturday, September 5th. "Ride with us!"

Upcoming Events

Annual Gathering & Meeting (AGM'20)


AGM'20 is September 4th ~ 6th at Waukesha, Wisconsin.  RV Parking may be available at the Wisconsin State RV Fair Park if reserved promptly.  Click this link for the

Wisconsin Scottish Games

Additional information will be published here

as it develops.  Pending information includes lodging and the dinner meeting.

Manhattan Tartan Day Parade



Doug Young of Clan Young Canada organizes Clan Young's participation with the annual Tartan Day parade at Manhattan.  Contact Doug Young directly for precise details about time and place of assembly, lodging, parking, and any possible post event social.


Phone:  705.795.6902

Link to Manhattan Tartan Day Parade 

Las Vegas Highland Games


April 18th & 19th at Floyd Lamb Park.

Click this link for the 

Honored Clan at Smokey Mountain


 Clan Young will be the honored clan at the Smokey Mountain Games May 16 to 17, 2020.

Click this link for the

Smokey Mountain Scottish Festival