Clan Young

Welcomes you to ride with the border reivers

at this year's AGM'20, Waukesha, WI.

AGM'10 at Waukesha, WI

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Clan Young

Clan Young promotes all things Scottish,  with special emphasis on the Youngs of Scotland.

Youngs abound throughout Scotland.

Peter Young was tutor to King James the VI of Scotland who was also King James I of England.  James was the King that commissioned the King James Version of the Bible.

Other Scottish Youngs may not ha'e practiced what that Bible tought.  These Youngs were the infamous Border Reivers that burned, pillaged, invested in cattle futures albeit "other" peoples cattle, and extorted "protection" money.

Hopefully we ha'e reformed in the modern era.

Enroll in Clan Young

Enrollment forms can be downloaded from the downloads section at the bottom of this page. 

A tartan and kilt advisory download is located there also

We hold annual gatherings and meetings known as AGM.  AGM'20 is scheduled for Waukesha Wisconsin.

Other Clan Young gatherings continue year around in various states

Important Information

Convener, Clan Young

Annual Gathering & Meeting AGM'20

Annual Gathering & Meeting AGM'20


The late Edward A. Young III

b.1921 / d. 2012

The Lord Lyon authorized Edward A. Young III to re-convene Clan Young as an armigerous clan.  Edward A. Young III is therefore  our convener in perpetuity.  Assisting in the re-convening of Clan Young were Past Presidents Col. Gordon A. Young and Russell A. Smith.

Annual Gathering & Meeting AGM'20

Annual Gathering & Meeting AGM'20

Annual Gathering & Meeting AGM'20


AGM'20 is September 4th ~ 6th at Waukesha, Wisconsin.  RV Parking may be available at the Wisconsin State RV Fair Park if reserved promptly.  Click this link for the

Wisconsin Scottish Games

Additional information will be published here

as it develops.  Pending information includes lodging and the dinner meeting.

Game & Festival Schedules

Annual Gathering & Meeting AGM'20

Game & Festival Schedules


The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals provides a schedule by state & date.

Click here for schedule by date

Click here for schedule by state

This is the best listing to be found, but it is not a listing of all events.  It is prudent to search for games and festivals by state.


New Brunswick Scottish-Cultural Association

Game & Festival Schedules


COSCA is the Council of  Scottish Clans and Associations.  Group memberships as well as individual memberships are offered.

Click this link to the COSCA website

New Brunswick Scottish-Cultural Association

New Brunswick Scottish-Cultural Association

New Brunswick Scottish-Cultural Association


NBSCA aka the New Brunswick Scottish-Cultural Association is a wealth of knowledge concerning Scottish immigration to the Americas.  They have sources for detailed vital statistics, births, deaths, ship manifests, displaced refugees of the American Revolution

Those with Scottish connections via Canada are encouraged to enroll as members.

Website is

Email to


New Brunswick Scottish-Cultural Association

New Brunswick Scottish-Cultural Association


The Scottish-American Military Society, known as SAMS is as the name implies.  It is a veterans association for those of Scottish-American lineage.  Visit their website to locate a SAMS chapter in your vicinity. 


Please pay particular attention to the "Tartan & Kilt Advisory" download.  Kilts are expensive.  Kilts unnecessary and are not expected.

The "Tartan & Kilt" download is provided to help ease the financial pain of investing in tartans and kilts.

  Please dress comfortably for the weather and venue according to your personal preference and taste.

 The bottom line is that those of Scots DNA have deep pockets and shorter arms.

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